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Cookies policy

PASCUAL INNOVENTURES, S.L.U. has written this Cookies Policy to inform the user about how cookies are installed and used on this WEBSITE.

As well as this Cookies Policy, the way we manage your privacy is also governed by our Privacy Policy, which complements this Cookies Policy and which you can consult on the WEBSITE to obtain more information about the protection of your personal information.


In order to offer services and functions through the WEBSITE, PASCUAL INNOVENTURES, S.L.U. uses different types of cookies, both its own and those belonging to third parties, as stated in the WEBSITE’s cookie settings console.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your device when you access certain webpages. Amongst other things, cookies allow webpages to provide certain functions or perform certain checks, such as verifying the user’s identity before using restricted services.

The use of cookies can have implications for user privacy. For this reason, we want to offer the necessary information about the cookies used on this WEBSITE so that you can make an informed decision about how they are used and how your privacy is protected.

In order to use the full services and functions provided by the WEBSITE, you will need to enable cookies on your web browser.

What cookies do we use?

This WEBSITE provides a cookies settings console which you can use to control which cookies are installed on your device as well as obtain detailed information about the types of cookies that this WEBSITE uses and their characteristics.

The cookies settings console is displayed upon your first visit to the WEBSITE and thereafter can be found here – COOKIE SETTINGS.

Who uses cookies?

The information that is gathered using cookies may be used either by the website owner or a third party who provides a service to the website owner.

The information contained in cookies used by this WEBSITE is processed by PASCUAL INNOVENTURES, S.L.U., as editor of the website, as well as third parties who provide services to the editor.

How can I view or delete cookies?

All browsers provide the ability to search for and view cookies installed by a certain website, see how long they are valid for or delete them.

Below, we have included links to instructions for deleting cookies for the most popular web browsers:

How can I restrict cookies?

To restrict or block cookies, you will have to change the browser settings on your device, whether it be your computer, smartphone or tablet.

In general, browser settings offer the following options:

  • Reject all cookies and therefore, not install any cookies from any website on the device.
  • Prompt the user before a cookie is installed so that the user has the option to accept or reject it.
  • Only reject third-party cookies on websites visited but accept those used by the website itself.
  • The option of browsing in private mode, whereby cookies are installed on the device but are automatically deleted once the user finishes browsing the webpage. You can find more information about private browsing on the most popular web browsers by following the links below: